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Swing Park is a members’ only indoor golf club.

Our club is equipped with the most advanced golf simulators. GDR
system has video lessons for you to follow the pro to correct your swing. There are over 100 courses for you to select on simulators.


We have on site CPGA coaches to help low handicap golfers improve their games and get new golfers on the right track. The activity room
is equipped with Karaoke system which is ideal for family members to have fun while members are enjoying their games. Our bright and spacious club house is a great place for seminars and group parties.


Swing Park provides members with a professional golf facility and a warm meeting place for all purposes.


Membership and Fees


Membership Fee:           $100/year
18 holes course:           $33/hour (Spring/Fall $18/hr, Summer $13/hr)
Driving Range:              $25/hour (Spring/Fall $13/hr, Summer $9/hr)


Bonus Package (for Winter)

18 Holes Course:
10 hours for $280         ($28/hour)
20 hours for $500         ($25/hour)
50 hours for $1100       ($22/hour)


Driving Range:
10 hours for $220         ($22/hour)
20 hours for $380         ($19/hour)
50 hours for $800         ($16/hour)

Note: All packages are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.


Coach Fee
$60/hour (1:1) or $80/hour (1:2)
Consult with front desk for other coach programs and packages.


Activity Room with Karaoke
$35/hour (food and drinks at extra cost)


Group Events and Party Special
Special rate for group events, birthday parties of 10 people or more.
Please book 10 days in advance. (30 days if liquor license is required.)


** Swing Park reserves the right to make changes of the fees at any time.